The Giants have made an art of losing in heartbreaking, last second fashion this season, and they were right back at it this afternoon with a heartbreaking, last second loss to the undefeated Carolina Panthers 38-35.

It was a messy, nasty game in which one of the Giants' star players had a meltdown in front of our eyes, and the team came back from a 28 point deficit in the second half only to lose as the clock wound down. Even the fans were tearing themselves apart, fighting each other in the bathroom of MetLife Stadium:

At least one guy decided to just pee in a corner while the others resolved their differences:

As for that player meltdown: star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was matched up with Josh Norman, arguably the best corner in the game this season, and the two were going at it from the start. The fierce competition clearly affected both players: they each received unnecessary roughness penalties, and Beckham Jr. had more drops today than he did all last season.

Things reached an ugly peak when Beckham Jr. came after Norman with a headshot.

Beckham Jr. somewhat redeemed himself in the eyes of Giants fans with two big catches on the Giants' final drive of the game, including the game-tying touchdown. He celebrated that touchdown with, as Deadspin put it, "an Allen Iverson stepover on Josh Norman."

Unfortunately, the Giants left a minute and a half on the clock, and the Panthers were able to push downfield far enough for a last second field goal. At least Giants fans were mostly prepared for that.

Norman seems to be handling everything maturely as well:

At least the Jets are still having fun.