Yesterday, a 50-year-old Brooklyn woman was found stabbed to death just steps from her Sheepshead Bay home. Police say Larisa Komsky was stabbed twice in the leg and once in the hand by a mysterious attacker around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. Komsky, an accountant, had been seen arguing with the assailant earlier. Police have now released video of the attacker lying in wait for Komsky outsider her home.

Building superintendent Nadil Gjeloshi described hearing her screaming: “It was loud. She woke me up. I looked out the window. She just put her hands on that wall and then she started collapsing." In the video below—which shows the Misaskim cleaning up the murder scene—another neighbor describes what she saw and heard—among other things, the last words of the victim to the murderer were, "you son of a bitch."

Komsky's son Vadim struggled with understanding what happened to his mother, who he described as devoted to her synagogue: “my mother did not have any enemies. She would have told me if she had any troubles. My mother was an amazing woman. There’s not enough good things I can say about her. The synagogue meant the world to her.’’

The rabbi from that synagogue, Kalev Krelin, said, “she was always in touch with me about her private issues. Some clients wanted to come to her but she didn’t want to be stealing other people’s clients. She was a very honest person.”