If the New York Rangers are playing the Philadelphia Flyers, you can expect any conflict on the ice to be supplemented by plenty of fighting in the stands. Last night's Game 6 playoff showdown was no exception, with fisticuffs erupting between rival fans at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Up in Section 209, Row 11, the hometown crowd apparently didn't take to a Rangers fan. A tipster told Deadspin, "The kid wearing the Blue Rangers jersey with the letters going diagonal down his chest was egging the crowd all game taunted screaming, acting like a typical drunk teenager. Usher came up to calm him down, didn't listen. The real security guards attempted to pull him out of his seats where he resisted and that's where he flailed his arms (not in video) and hit a flyers fan. Brawl ensued. The kid who was wearing the jersey and hat fled the scene and left his friends to get their asses beat, after doing nothing."

Barstool Sports Philly posted videos and opined, "Best tread lightly running your mouth in the wrong jerseys at opposing team’s house. Those guys are honestly lucky to have walked out of there. If it were the old 700 Level days it would be a blessing if they were still breathing before security got to them."

As did someone going by the name of "Broni Montana":

A YouTube commenter (with a Rangers jersey avatar) harrumphed, "City of Brotherly Love my ass. This is disgusting and for anyone to be proud of this is shameful. This is why you'll always be referred to as FILTHY. Picking on a couple of Rangers fans shows exactly how tough you really are, SAVAGES," and received these replies:

"And you were there? How do you know what happened? Every game I've went to, WE were the ones being picked on and taunted by other teams fans. "

"It started because the rangers fans were chirping and heckling at other fans and the flyers, if another teams fans strike first, either verbally or physically, you have the right to retaliate in the same manor, if the opposing fans push it to far, some fans do snap, but if you notice, not every single flyers fan turned their attention to the fight, most were focused on the game, only the people in that section, which is about 100-150 people paid attention to it, and not to mention, these are rivals, if you watch clips of Boston and Montreal, not only do the players fight, but the fans fight also, so coming on here and saying we alone are savages, look at Boston and Montreal."

No arrests were made

. And on the bright side, at least it didn't end up with like this.