One of the more dramatic photographs of Hurricane Sandy flooding was an image taken from surveillance cameras the the PATH station in Hoboken, showing water gushing through an elevator shaft. Now the Port Authority has released footage of the watery damage, perhaps to explain the PATH problems, at the Hoboken and Exchange Place stations:

And NBC New York has the extended versions:

View more videos at:

While this video satisfies the disaster porn quotient, PATH riders probably want more information. For instance, our own Dan Dickinson says, "I appreciate the Port Authority finally showing some footage of the damage to the system two and a half weeks after the storm, but nothing in the video helps me understand why the timetable for full system restoration is at 'several weeks'. There's a lot of evidence that station entrances got slammed, and that's troubling. But the few brief glimpses of track don't jive with statements like 'Even the most dramatic photos can’t capture the scale of it.' I'm sure there's damage, they're just not showing it. Even better than 17 day old footage would be— and I realize this is asking a lot—some footage of the current repair efforts so we know how much further they have to go."