The 2009 Yankees look to be returning to the playoffs in just a couple weeks after last season's first year being left home in over a decade. This year's team has been marked by a level of extroverted charisma and fiery personalities uncharacteristic of the stoic bunch that led the turn of the century dynasty. But last night, late in a game that did not appear to be on its way toward another AJ Burnett pieface moment, some of that adrenaline appeared to turn nasty as Jorge Posada took a cheap shot shove at Blue Jays' pitcher Jesse Carlson and BAM! It was on—bench-clearing brawl, enough of a mess to end with a little blood.

Posada had already been giving Carlson the stink eye after the reliever threw behind the Yankee catcher. Carlson and Jays' manager Cito Gaston later denied any intention, but you can't blame Posada for being suspicious after both teams had gone back-and-forth with hit batsmen earlier in the game. When Posada then had to cross paths with Carlson, now covering the plate as Jorge was scoring on a Brett Gardner double, the longtime Yankee decided to make his displeasure with the pitch known once again, and brushed into him as he passed by. Carlson responded to that with a Serena-ism or two and back came Posada along with Johnny Damon to get down to business. Here's the best version on YouTube this morning, edited in flashback mode to give a real Sunset Boulevard sort of feel to the action.

Little skip Joe Girardi didn't seem to get too fired up about the blindsided swipe taken at him by Toronto's John McDonald back there. After the game, the manager was more concerned with his team not getting into this sort of trouble so late in the season. Girardi said, "I told them, 'There's a lot at stake here and we can't afford to get anyone hurt or lose anyone or get people suspended.' That is not what we want. And this is not what they want. Unfortunately, it's what we got."

We love that Posada was eventually restrained and brought back to the dugout by CC Sabathia—if only we could have seen the big ace cradle Girardi back in his hulking torso. Posada denied afterward that he had started anything and focused on being thrown at. He will likely get suspended for the brawl. For any completists out there, the nine-minute Criterion Collection Canadian coverage of the melee is after the jump.