A day after one of our commenters accused drunken, rowdy US Open golf fans as being meatheads needing to go somewhere with the Yankees out of town, in comes a video of just what some of the Yankee fans who did make it out to the weekend's games in Florida were up to.

A YouTube commenter who claims to be the guy who mouths "Oh shit!" says that the trouble began when the Marlins fans cut a line of folks waiting for autographs near the Yankee bullpen and then had some nasty words for the Yankee fan and his wife.

The blogger who discovered the clip, Toasted Joe, calls it "the Citizen Kane of stadium fan fight clips." It does seem to have many of the classic elements of a stadium fight: the brawler who inexplicably takes his shirt off as if his six-pack abs will intimidate his foe, the instigating wife who never stops screaming throughout and the late-surging dude who clearly feels so left out of the hijinx that he flashes his aggression by letting security know how it really happened. And of course, deviant sports fan or not, we can all empathize with the crying young girl whose first Father's Day memory will be watching her Dad get clocked in the grill.

After the jump, you can contrast the action in Miami to some video clips that illustrate the way things go down when fights break out up in The Bronx.