New York City is serious about reminding residents that smoking is terrible for you, from graphic posters showing tumors on lungs to ads showing amputations. Which is why we think this new extreme British anti-amoking ad might be up the NYC Health Department's alley:

According to Copyranter, "The [Britain's] Department [of Health] says they developed the shockvertising because their research shows that more than a third of smokers still believe that the health risks associated with smoking are 'greatly exaggerated.'"

NYC has used provocative anti-smoking ads from other countries in the past—in 2009, the Department of Health used this ad from Australia, showing a little boy sobbing after being separated from his mother, with a voiceover asking, "If this is how your child feels after losing you for a minute, just imagine if they lost you for life." And the Health Department says the scary ads really do work!

And here are some of the NYC Health Department's other anti-smoking ads (time to think about resolutions, maybe):