We should all be so lucky as to have loved ones to share our lives with, whether they are children, friends, imaginary friends, frenemies, imaginary frenemies, or beloved pets. For Queens residents Rose Ann Bolasny and her husband Walter, there's nothing they wouldn't do for their precious 3-year-old pooch Bella Mia, who is set to inherit a six-figure trust fund, a $1 million house in Florida, jewelry, clothing and more when they die.

Bella Mia is so pampered, she appears semi-comatose at times in the video below, almost like one of the oversized humans from Wall-E. Unlike them, she need never fear having to learn any other way of living.

"We decided that we had given her such a lavish life that we wanted to make sure she’d still have what she was accustomed to when I was gone," Rose Ann said. "Yes, we pamper her, but Bella Mia has really donated and volunteered more than her time in her short 3 years of living that most people have done in a lifetime." Below, you can get a very clear idea of a life you'll never have: that of the pampered, kept pup.

Bella Mia was a gift from one of the couple's sons, to help them after Walter got out of the hospital for unspecified reasons. And the puppy filled the hole in their hearts: "It was love at first sight," Rose Ann noted. "She became a part of the family as you would bring a child home from the hospital. My son brought Bella Mia here, and then it just kind of evolved."

Evolved is one way of putting it: Rose Anne spent over $100K on Bella Mia in 2014 alone. That included weekly manicures, pedicures (at a human day spa, mind you), hair appointments, outfits, and charitable donations. She owns over 1,000 outfits; she has a California walk-in closet dedicated to her stuff; there even is a star named after her. Suffice to say, Bella Mia would not be caught dead socializing at a dog cafe.

"At times I feel she is treated better than me," sweet, forgotten Walter noted. "But that's okay with me because Bella, I love her so much, and therefore, nothing that's good for Bella will ever ever bother me."

Anyway, all we can do is cross our fingers and pray we get reincarnated into Bella Mia in our next life.