In case you needed more reason to be depressed about mankind, thanks to various Grey Thursday/Black Friday fights, how about this video of two female shoppers fighting and one of them using a stun gun?

It happened at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia. Mike Napolitano took the video and told the NBC affiliate, "It started out, one couple was fighting with another couple. They had words, the guys got into a fight and then the girls. One couple, they were like a family and all, with a young child in a stroller." Onlookers are heard shouting, "No, stop!" and then you seen sparks from a stun gun.

The manager for the mall told NBC 10, "An isolated incident occurred in the early morning hours between two female shoppers, that was quickly stopped by our security team, and both women were escorted out of the mall. We are committed to the safety of our shoppers, retailers and employees and will not tolerate this unacceptable behavior."

Update: A woman was arrested for threatening a fellow Walmart shopper with a stun gun at a Linden, NJ store's parking lot.