Clearly the scourge of "cell phone boomboxes" is more pervasive than even amNY could have imagined. According to the person who posted the video to YouTube, they were "riding the B62 towards Williamsburg, when this lady (pictured) starts playing music on her iPhone. The bus driver hears it and asks her to turn it off or use headphones." Whether or not she is "very well educated" is anyone's guess, but her language is most certainly louder and more profane (NSFW) than her cellphone could ever be.

Apparently this was not the bus driver's first encounter with musical-cell-phone-lady, as between being called a "fucking hater" and a "fucking honkey" among other things, he mentions "I've seen you six times...believe me I don't want to see you either," and cites the "rules" as why he asked her to turn down her phone. Indeed the rules state that it's unlawful to "play a radio audible to others." However we're pretty sure there's a "No Haters" rule in there somewhere.

As the woman exits the bus, the driver gets in his best retorts, telling the woman to "go get the batteries to your vibrator," and, "I don't wanna damage the bus on your fat ass." At least this encounter didn't come to blows (although the woman paces as if it might), lest we ever forget the 67-year-old bearded man with flying fists.