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For at least the past week, New Yorkers have been celebrating the anniversary of our country's birth by sending a shit-ton of fireworks blasting into the night sky. Or maybe they've just been celebrating making things go boom. But over in Crown Heights, one woman appears to have taken the holiday spirit a bit too far—less Independence Day, and more The Purge: Anarchy.

Videos posted to Instagram show a woman shooting off what looks to be a high-power roman candle at storefronts and pedestrians in Crown Heights. Dressed in a tank top and tennis skirt, the woman walks across the intersection of St John's Place and Nostrand Avenue, aiming the firework at groups of people, and seemingly targeting the A & D Liquor. Two other women appear to be following her.

One man in the background can be heard shouting, "Oh shit."

According to a witness who took the original video, the incident took place on July 2nd at around 11 p.m. Our source says the people being fired upon "were pretty chill about it. After everyone scattered, they all came back and kept hanging out, totally unfazed."

He added that the woman appeared to be friends with her targets, and that it seemed like she was "laughing about it."

The NYPD does not have any additional information, but is currently investigating the incident. We'll update if we learn more.

Additional reporting by Madeleine Crenshaw.