A flight from Los Angeles to JFK was diverted to Kansas City last Thursday because a passenger wouldn't stop singing the beloved Whitney Houston song "I Will Always Love You." Personally, we can't get enough of that uplifting soul-stirring anthem, so we don't really get what the big deal was, but we're guessing the plane was packed with cold-hearted Whitney Houston haters. The pilot made an unscheduled landing at Kansas City International Airport, whereupon the singer was forcibly removed. Here's video:

The man who uploaded the video to YouTube says the woman "screamed for an hour on the flight and was singing a Whitney Houston song," reports KMBC-TV. Kansas City Aviation Department officials told the news channel that the woman "was non-compliant with a federal air marshal and was restrained. The woman told authorities that she is diabetic and her behavior was a result of her condition." That's understandable; whenever our blood sugar gets low we can't stop singing Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping."

Authorities tell the Post that the woman was not charged, but the airline refused to permit her on another flight, not even if she segued into "One Moment in Time" instead.