And here we have the harrowing video of a Park Slope woman getting attacked on 16th Street by a man described as "a short, Hispanic man with a stocky build." The video was shot from someone's front stoop surveillance camera, and includes sound, so you can hear the woman's blood-curdling screams of terror as she tries to break free from her assailant's grasp. The only thing that stops this video from being completely disturbing is that she manages to break loose as concerned neighbors emerge from their houses. The video also shows the attacker pulling up his pants as she flees.

The terrifying assault happened around 11:30 p.m. on March 20th (it's unclear what block of 16th Street it happened on), and the assailant is still at large. Susan Gosnell, who witnessed the attack from her apartment across the street, tells the Daily News, "It's horrible. This guy could be out there attacking other women." And Donald Harrington, a construction worker who rushed out of his house in his pajamas when he heard the woman's shrieking, says, "There's nothing heroic about what we did—we were just being good neighbors."