Despite trading All-Star Carlos Beltran this week, the Mets have been playing some of their best ball of the season lately. In the midst of a five game winning streak that has put them four games above .500, the team defeated the Washington Nationals handily in D.C. last night. But while the action on the field was good, a big brawl broke out in the stands between drunken Nationals and Mets fans—and as you can see in the video (around the 13 second mark), a woman got elbowed in the face pretty hard. Watch below:

A tipster wrote to Deadspin with more info on the fight: "It was a solid 5 on 5 brawl between some drunk nats fans and obnoxious new yorkers not unlike the one in toronto at ufc 129 ... if anything actually little more crazy cuz no one jumped it to stop so it went for probably a full minute or so before police/security showed up." But will the Nationals be able to take a cue from the Yankees, and turn the ugly fight into a parenting lesson?