Last month, we saw disturbing video of a disoriented man rolling around on the L train tracks after falling off the platform in Brooklyn. There was a lot of debate over the actions—or rather, the inactions—of the videographers. But besides the fact that they chose to upload the video of the man-in-distress online in the first place, the thing that most irked us was when they documented themselves laughing about that situation. In the (albeit not perfectly clear) video below, two witnesses cackle gleefully as a guitarist is jumped on a 1 train by a group of people, before being shoved out at Canal Street.

We've contacted the video uploader to get more information about the incident, and whether they saw what precipitated the beating.

According to police, while overall crime has risen, felony assaults were actually down 6.9 percent since this time last year. However, with the rise in technology and easy ways to upload videos, there seem to be more subway altercation videos than ever. Since it's well known the NYPD monitors social media such as Facebook, we've contacted the NYPD to inquire whether they monitor Youtube for subway assault videos as well.