An argument over a person hoverboarding inside a Kosher Jewish supermarket led to an alleged assault-by-peach and at least three arrests last week.

Police say that the incident unfolded around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 9th at Central Market on Division Avenue near Wythe Avenue. A 24-year-old woman came into the store on a hoverboard; she got into an argument with the store managers, 21-year-old Abraham Spielman an 29-year-old Mattis Edelstein, who said she was knocking things off shelves and refused to get off the hoverboard.

"The manager's [sic] politely asked a girl to stop riding around the Supermarket with her Hoverboard and leave the store because she knocked down cereal boxes and other products and left the store in a mess," wrote Gary Schlesinger, who witnessed the incident and took the video above. "The girl called her father who arrived minutes later and assaulted and bloodied the Manager's [sic] and yelled hateful derogatory words against the shocked staff (watch Clip)."

Police said, however, that Edelstein and Spielman assaulted the hoverboard-rider: Spielman is accused of tackling her and throwing her to the ground, causing swelling to her right shoulder, while Edelstein allegedly threw a peach at her, striking her under the right eye, causing a small laceration and swelling.

When the woman's father, 41-year-old Mark Soto, arrived, he allegedly punched one of the managers in the face. All three men were arrested and charged with assault. Spielman was issued a desk appearance ticket for misdemeanor assault; Edelstein was charged with assault and menacing; and Soto was charged with misdemeanor assault.

No one from the supermarket would comment on the incident when reached this morning.

For his part, Schlesinger, who took the video, claims there was no peach-throwing incident:

When the NYPD cops from the 90pct arrived they clearly saw the manager's nose bleeding and hands bloodied but they arrested both managers because the violent person falsely accused the managers of throwing a PEACH on his girl! As a result of this false PEACH arrest one the Manager's was in central booking for over 24 hours barely making it home before the onset of a 3 day holiday ‪#‎Shavuot‬ with his large extended family.

I will let you decide who was right and wrong here, obviously the NYPD messed up here big time!!!