There are a lot of underwhelming internships out there, but few of them entail getting physically assaulted on the job. The same cannot be said for interns working for Christine Quinn, one of whom was walloped in the face today by a disgruntled protester angered by the closure of St. Vincent’s Hospital.

“I am pleased to say that while shaken up, everyone is doing fine,” Quinn reportedly said in a statement, her spokesman adding that the victim “was obviously very upset. But other than that, he really would like his privacy.”

State Sen. Brad Holyman was also subjected to the untamed palm of Old Man Slappy Hands, known to his shrink as George Capsis, but at least he probably has insurance in the event that the slap was delivered with such verve that an ambulance was required. (It didn't. But it could have.)

Capsis, who publishes WestView News, admitted after the slap that he was upset over the death of his wife, who he said passed away two days ago.

"She was at a hospital in the Bronx. I had to travel an hour and a half to get to see her. If this hospital had existed, I could have walked two blocks and spent time with her through the last hours of her life," he told Capital New York. "That man—and the politicians like Quinn—turned their back on the community." Before you feel TOO too sorry for him, he added: "If you bring him over here, I'll hit him again."

He also inquired after the marital status of a female Post reporter after calling her "cute," so it would appear that Mr. Capsis is recovering nicely.