Earlier today Rob Guadagna contacted us about his company: Geesebusters! He tells us he "invented the most effective, humane and low cost method of ridding geese, seagulls, starlings, etc. I read the bad press last year of the killing of geese by the USDA. I have the answer for you. The Geesebusters Method." We're listening. He goes on to say he "can get into a park, golf course or airport in early Spring (before mating season starts)... using a natural-like predator, such as a three-dimensional eagle which has a wingspan of approximately seven feet. The birds recognize the turning eagle as real, and immediately flee the target area. After continual harassment and conditioning, the birds will avoid the area, seeking safer grounds."

It takes just one person to operate one "eagle," which covers about a 1/2-mile radius... but would the geese just fly from Prospect Park to another undesirable area? Below, Guadagna explains his process further to Time magazine... it does sound a lot nicer than the gas chamber.