So it's been nearly three days since the end of the Blizzageddon, and we keeping hearing reports (and seeing) that there are tons of streets yet to be plowed around the city, from Astoria to Concord. And without an army of genetically-enhanced Corey Bookers to save the day, it will probably be like this a little longer. In the meantime, WNYC has set up a storm clean-up map, more specifically to mark where the city hasn't plowed the streets yet. Now you too can follow all the hot inaction!

SILive has an amusing video of a Staten Island tour of the unplowed streets. Freelance photographer John Gagliardi narrates his grumbly journey through the streets of Sunnyside and Concord, soundtracked (naturally) by John Waite's "Missing You." He even confronts some slow-moving Sanitation workers about the post-Blizzard leftover snow, "tree days latah, man."

The Daily News tweets: "Bloomberg says MOST roads will be cleared by 7pm," while NY1's Josh Robin says the goal is 7 a.m. This guy is already on it: