We've written in the past about how gross it is to clip your nails on the subway—just about a year ago, we posted a video of two men engaged in a long subway etiquette argument over the subject. But in the year since then, it seems some people still aren't getting it. Since people keep doing gross things, we'll keep posting the videos and pointing out their unneighborly behavior.

But wait! The man in the video above clipping his nails recently isn't the only offender. Below, check out more videos of people carelessly disposing pieces of themselves around our subways. Next time you're tempted to join it, just ask yourself: do you think it's possible you could hold off grooming yourself till you get home?

We'll reiterate out plea for a more hygienic subway again: don't clip your nails on the subway, don't have sex on the subway, don't urinate on the subway, don't brush your teeth on the subway, and be respectful of noise pollution, physical contact, hygiene, seating priority, garbage disposal (or lack thereof), and of course, eating. As ever, do feel free to put a rat in your mouth if the mood strikes you.