Setting off fireworks without a permit in NYC is illegal, which means the NYPD has been busy confiscating them during the annual July 4th fireworks crackdown. While there's a special focus on Staten Island's fondness for illicit pyrotechnics that make neighborhoods "war zones," fireworks are being grabbed everywhere, which means the police have a stockpile of fireworks. Which they destroy! Check out this video of the bomb squad setting off 5,000 pounds of them at the NYPD firing range in the Bronx.

Mayor Bloomberg said, "We want everyone to enjoy the Fourth in the city, but fireworks in the hands of an amateur are extremely dangerous and illegal. We've worked to aggressively crackdown on the use of illegal fireworks and the transporting of illegal fireworks into the city. Our efforts have dramatically reduced the number of injuries caused by fireworks each year, bringing injuries down to only one last year. New York City has the greatest fireworks show in the world -- provided by Macy's -- where anyone can safely enjoy a spectacular Independence Day celebration."

And fun fact: Even sparklers are illegal!