Last year, Chris Brown and Drake were allegedly embroiled in a crazy bottle fight at SoHo club WiP that was allegedly started when Drake taunted Brown over his alleged relationship with Rihanna. It seems some folks partying at Washington Heights' Tette Club on New Year's Eve were embroiled in their own bottle fight, as you can see from the video below. But according to a worker at Tette, you needn't worry about all the broken glass and terrified screams, because "we did have a fight, but it was not a big deal."

The nightclub employee, who declined to give her name, told us that no one was arrested that night and the party wasn't interrupted, despite the aforementioned screams and the massive amounts of shattered glass littering the floor. The FDNY confirmed that they didn't receive any calls about an incident at Tette, while the NYPD press office didn't know if they got any complaints.

When we asked the worker whether they had more to cleanup than a usual post-fight, she told us: "No honey, it was just a normal day." So it is entirely possible this IS a normal night at the club—although some people might disagree slightly.