A New Rochelle cop was captured on video drawing a gun on a group of teenagers who were having a snowball fight. Talk Of The Sound reports that they received two videos of the officer aiming the gun at a youth kneeling in the snow after police responded to calls of a disturbance this week. You can see one clip below.

In the clip, which picks things up in media res, the officer has already unholstered his weapon, and is pointing it at the two teens who are kneeling on the ground while telling them "Don’t f*cking move, guys."

The woman who took the cellphone video of the incident explained, "They were having a snowball fight. This group of guys was having a snowball fight and now a cop has a gun on them." New Rochelle police wouldn't give any official statement on the incident, but sources tell Talk Of The Sound that cops claim "they were called to the scene based on a report of a person with a gun."

Talk Of The Sound does not have a very good relationship with their local police department: "It is worth mentioning here that it has been the policy of the New Rochelle Police Department for the past two years not to respond to requests for information from Talk of the Sound, to allow Talk of the Sound to participate in daily press briefing or attend press conferences such as the one in November after Operation City Sweeper II. So, Talk of the Sound has no way to obtain any official comment on that matter."

Back in 2009, DCist reported on an incident in which a cop waved a gun at a crowd during a massive snowball fight. You can see video of that below.