Memo to Rosie Mendez: Why even bother running for reelection when you've got such a cherubic challenger gunning for your City Council seat? It's all over but the crying for Manhattan's District 2; 18-year-old preppy Dodge Landesman's victory in November is all but assured—why just look at those adorable cheeks! His father happens to be Obama's NEA nominee Rocco Landesman, who draws a lot of water in this town as president of Jujamcyn Theatres, and a recent fundraiser for the teen's campaign was recently attended by Julianne Moore.

At this point, the only thing that could stop the Landesman steamroller is if his grades slip; the York Prep junior recently revealed to the New Yorker that he's terrible at math, and his mother is threatening to pull the plug on his campaign if he doesn't keep his GPA at a certain level! Which would be devastating, because Dodge even skipped the prom this year to attend crucial campaign meetings. (NOT because he didn't have a date.)

Ifwhen elected, Landesman will be 19 and the youngest City Councilmember in New York's history. On his Facebook page he describes himself as "an anti-bailout and pro-growth Democrat," and recently promised that he'll work to put the Second Avenue subway line on hold. The New Yorker's "Talk" piece on Landesman is available on line for subscribers only; but in it he recalls how he got his start in public speaking—opening for Public Enemy on VH1 reality show Ice-T's Rap School in eighth grade: "There were all these angry, drunk, stoned people there, and I remember thinking to myself before I went onstage, If I can handle this, I can handle anything. I had to freestyle." At this point, Mendez's only hope may be to find that video clip and send it to the media.