The term "epic" gets thrown around a lot these days, but we're not sure how else to describe the video below of a mother losing her shit last month at LaGuardia Airport (one of the two worst airports in the country!). It seems she and her two daughters, including a nine-year-old, got stuck at the hellhole of an airport during a 12-hour delay en route to a Disney cruise in Miami.

And we come here not to mock her, but to bear witness—even if she is perhaps unfairly unloading all her fury on the American Airlines employees (after all, you can't blame them for weather delays or for LaGuardia being so impressively crappy), who hasn't experienced similar feelings of powerlessness and pain at the airport? "If there's no flight just say there's no flight," she yells at one point. As Frank Castle might say, we are all one bad flight away from being her.

According to the Daily Mail, who initially posted the video, the woman's flight was scheduled to depart from the airport at 9 p.m. on March 24th, but it was delayed until the next morning (when it eventually took off at 9 a.m.).

The Star-Ledger adds that police were eventually called to the scene to try to calm down the woman (you can see video of officials trying to adjudicate the situation).

If there's anything positive to come out of this, at least her kids learned a valuable lesson about never looking forward to anything.