MTA, you are on innovation notice! While our transit authority is struggling to keep our countdown clocks working Northern Europe is really innovating. We've already discussed Sweden's stunning subways but now the Netherlands has gone and taken getting underground to a whole new level. At the entrance to the Overvecht railway station in Utrecht, a Dutch railway maintenance company has gone and built a slide for people in a hurry. Okay, they are calling it a "transfer accelerator" but let's call an awesome spade an awesome spade. That is a slide.

Sure, maybe it isn't the wisest idea to make the whole thing metal (which can get quite hot in the sun) but still! Imagine how awesome it would be to slide into one of our busy (or even not busy) train stations. And you know what would make it even better? If they flooded the subways and made the whole thing into a giant flume ride (okay, maybe we're just letting the heat get to our brains?). Anyway, we asked the MTA if there was any chance that they would ever install such a slide in our fair city. A spokesperson told us, "I think I can safely say the answer is no."

Want to feel what it is like to slide into a station? Your wish is our command:

Meanwhile you can see many more pictures of the slide (a slideshow, if you will) right here.