Lexington Avenue has been closed at East 57th Street in midtown Manhattan after a car explosion due to a fire. The fire broke out around 12:20 p.m. today; FDNY says it was caused by a transformer fire that spread to a 15-story high rise, as well as the car parked on Lexington. As one person watching the incident unfold tweeted: "Just a two block electrical fire on Lexington, no biggie. Only one car launched away. Just a Saturday in NYC." Watch video of the car on fire below (taken by Nikhil Abraham), including the explosion as firetrucks arrived.

Update: It took about 80 firefighters to get the fire, which was sparked by a below-ground transformer, under control. The fire moved from the car to the building at 140 East 56th Street. Two people were rescued from the building, but there were no injuries. “I exited the lobby, turned the corner and heard a huge boom,” witness Jody Revenson, who lives inside the building, told the News. “I looked over and saw a van engulfed in flames.”