The story of the Statue of Liberty replica that was stolen from progressive Ditmas Park cafe Vox Pop has taken a turn for the tasteless. You'll recall that late last month someone absconded with the 8 foot, 200 pound fiberglass statue, which had been stationed outside Vox Pop. At the time, owner Debi Ryan theorized that the theft "was politically motivated," and it seems she was half right. Idiocy would seem to be the other motive, according to this creepy, nonsensical video that was posted on YouTube over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Reached by phone, Ryan confirmed that the statue in the video was Vox Pop's, and was upset to learn that the video link was emailed to us because "the F.B.I. is investigating and no one's supposed to know about it yet!" She asked that we hold off on publishing, but this news is just too damn important to keep Americans in the dark. (Also, the video happens to be publicly available on the Internet.) Ryan told us she still has no idea who stole the statue or made the video, but she speculates it was "some stupid kid who couldn't sell [the statue] because of all the press," so he or she (or they?) made this video as a prank.