With most subway groper stories we hear, it's pretty rare that straphangers aid the victims—sometimes, passengers actively ignore the victim's cries. But in the video below, something amazing happens: several straphangers band together to help a woman who says she was groped, holding the alleged groper until the police arrived to arrest him.

According to the uploader, the incident took place last night around 9:30 p.m. on the L train at Lorimer Station. The uploader told Gawker the suspect (in black) groped the woman in orange in the station, then jumped on the train. The woman and her friend were able to get in before the train left, and started shouting at the man, accusing him of sexual assault and telling him to get off the train while they waited for police.

"When it was clear we wouldn't [be] going anywhere until this got straightened out, some people started to come to her aid," the uploader wrote. It's pretty heart-warming that the other riders helped—and it's admirable they were able to subdue the alleged groper without resorting to any visible violence before the police arrived and arrested him.