One of the understated highlights of watching the US Open each year is keeping an eye on the ball boys and girls at Arthur Ashe Stadium, watching as the horde of mostly teenagers frantically dart onto the court to rescue errant tennis balls without distracting the megastars they whiz by. On Tuesday night, one ball boy took center stage in his dramatic attempt to recover a ball during the match between Andy Murray and Ernests Gulbis. Let's go to the video tape:

The ball boy who ate it in the video above is 25-year-old Jonathan Mora, who has been working the Open every year since he was 15(!). The above video instantly made him an internet superstar, as he tells the Post, "They said my name on national television, and by the time I got home, 150 people tried to friend me on Facebook — I've never been more embarrassed." By Wednesday he was so famous that while riding the 7 train, he says, "This one guy recognized me from the night before and asked for my autograph." We can only dream it was on one of those giant tennis balls that dot the front row of the center court.

When we visited Flushing Meadows on Opening Night, a group of young ladies were altering their, "You can do it, Andy!" chants to American Andy Roddick with a few calls of "We love you, ball boys!" The combination of the two makes us wonder if Jonathan Mora might be the first dude to turn his summer gig as a 25-year-old ball boy into two weeks of some serious off-court action.