Made almost entirely out of bike parts found in the streets of NYC, the Skybike is the invention of Mario Diamantis, a grad student in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Designed to evoke the perspective of riding through the air, Skybike straps the rider to the frame upside down at a 45 degree angle. Here's video of a recent demonstration, via Animal New York:

According to Gizmodo, Diamantis has only been able to ride it for about 25 minutes before he succumbs to gravity, but that might be just enough time for him to Skybike to school Friday for National Bike to Work Day! If you're thinking about pedaling in, Transportation Alternatives will be offering some encouragement in the form of free coffee and snacks, which they'll be handing out at the East River Bridges, City Hall Park or Madison Square Park. (Here's video from last year's Bike to Work Day, which coincides with Bike Month NYC.)

And in other encouraging cycling news, it was announced today that the Downtown Alliance, through its second annual Bike Around Downtown program, will start offering free bicycle rentals tomorrow at the Bike and Roll kiosk at the South Street Seaport. Through September 30th they'll be making 30 free bikes available during three 2.5 hour sessions, Monday through Sunday. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance, adult and children’s bikes are available, and helmets will be provided. Details.