Another day, another adorable seal washed ashore on one of our sandy city-area beaches: a young arctic seal visited the metropolitan area today, rolling around in the sand on Rockaway Beach near Beach 21st Street like some gutter punk chewing on the rhythm of his bubble gum. DNAInfo's Katie Honan and a few others were out there, and captured some adorable photos and videos of the seal just l-i-v-i-n' life like a semi-aquatic marine Wooderson.

If you feel like there's been a lot of seals showing up around these parts lately, that's because there have been. Last weekend, a sunbathing seal on Brighton Beach caught our attention, but there have literally been a dozen in the last couple weeks that have shown up on the radar of The Riverhead Foundation. They want you to know that you'd probably shouldn't freak out if you see one on the beach:

The number of seals we are seeing right now is not unusual. This is the time of year when we respond to a great number of sightings. Not all of these seals need our support which is why some of them are left for monitoring. We do have a limited number of tanks and resources. Our biologists are trained to assess each of the animals reported to our hotline. The information via interview and submitted photographs provides a means to triage the cases and with many provide documentation of a healthy animal hauled out.

Each animal will be assessed for life threatening illness or injuries thereby ensuring only the most critical will get the care they need. This year is a bit colder and we are seeing more harp seals than we have in a few years but historically harp seals are a species we have responded to more frequently in colder winter seasons. Harp seals are an arctic species but in the winter time, it is not uncommon to see them in our waters, even in the milder winters. Right now we have 10 seals in our facility. 5 Harp seals 4 gray seals and a harbor seal. One of these seals is a harp seal we picked up yesterday thanks to Chris at Fish Guy Photos. You can help support these animals by adopting Commodore or Dolly today at