One might think that police and security guards are supposed to break up fights that erupt right in front of them, or at the very least get in on the action. But as you can see around the :25 mark of the video below, what appears to be a plainclothes cop (with badge hanging his neck) and a security person of some kind (man in uniform with nightstick) stood by as a man viciously beat another man in Union Square. While other onlookers try to stop the topless attacker, no police intervene.

We've contacted the video uploader to try to get more information about the incident. But this is the second time this week we've seen video of a fight occurring in a heavily trafficked area of Manhattan. Earlier this week, we watched as a homeless man and a tourist sparred in Times Square—despite being in one of the most police-saturated areas of the city, they were able to use police barricades and crutches to beat each other with nary a complaint.

Update: We contacted a Parks spokesman to inquire whether park security are expected to intervene in such situations, but were told to contact the NYPD with all questions.