Union Square is host to a bevy of unique bizarros, to the point that the square has its own anthropologist, Normal Bob. And among Bob's many subjects is Roman, who has gained some notoriety because of a campaign earlier this summer to "stop ageism" by lowering the age of consent. Now, Roman has taken up a new cause: butt sniffing. Watch him explain his new "fart smeller movement" in a video taken by Joey Boots below, as well as convince two young women to let him try out his art:

Roman's latest sensory project stems from an earlier one in which he face sat for peace...with a sign that read "sit on my face for peace." You can watch a bit of that below, if you are so inclined:

Free Massages/Face Sitting project from Normal Bob on Vimeo.

As Normal Bob put it, the newest projects have at least solved one problem for Roman: "You see, no one knows who the hell you're talking about when you say 'Roman got thrown out of the park yesterday!'" Now he has a catchy name: the Fart Smeller. Or, as AnimalNY put it (and our preferred nomen), the butt sniffer.