We've learned over the past year that if you're feeling bored with your life, the best thing you can do is perform some sort of extreme stunt on the subway. Nothing reminds you you're TRULY alive like subway surfing, subway door clinging or playing chicken with oncoming trains. But if you're too scared to do something that dangerous and still want a rush to stave off your existential dread, you can always be like the two dudes in the video below, and jump across subway platforms. These two have earned their Darwin Award nomination.

Pssh, they probably didn't even get $5 for their stunt. The Alex Clare soundtrack (which has all the angst of Maroon 5) does seem perfectly appropriate though. This jump took place at the D stop at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and 39th Street in Brooklyn. The video was first put up on ILP.com, which looks like this year's version of beloved internet cesspool World Star HipHop. It's not quite that bad yet, but it's well on its way with videos like this one, in which a father goads his daughter into fighting another woman on the subway.