One of Donald Trump's security guards punched a protester in the face outside of Trump Plaza yesterday—in front of a large crowd of reporters—during a protest coinciding with Trump's official pledge of loyalty to the Republican Party. Many of the protesters were Latino, demonstrating against Trump's track record of racist anti-immigration comments.

Video first published by NY1 Noticias shows the guard, identified by the Daily Caller as Trump's director of security Keith Schiller, grabbing a large blue sign that reads "Trump: Make America Racist Again" from several protesters. One of the protesters, identified by NY1 as Efraín Galicia, proceeds to run after Schiller and grab him from behind near the entrance to the building. Schiller then spins around and hits Galicia in the face with his right hand.

Galicia stumbles back and a second security guard grabs onto him, appearing, as the News points out, to briefly put him in a chokehold.

"This man thinks he can do whatever he wants in this country, and we're going to stop him," Galicia told reporters in Spanish.

Galicia compared his attack to Trump's security team kicking Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of an Iowa news conference last week. Trump had his security team remove Ramos when the anchor asked a question without first being called on (he was eventually allowed to return).

Following yesterday's incident, the Trump campaign told the NYTimes that Schiller had been "jumped from behind" and that they would "likely be pressing charges."