Trump supporters and members of the alt-right staged a counter-protest at a May Day rally in Union Square this afternoon, where a confrontation with other activists in the park devolved into a physical altercation and arrests.

Hundreds of activists gathered in Union Square Park this afternoon to support movements like Free Palestine and Black Lives Matter, along with pro-immigration and pro-communist causes. The rally was one of today's many May Day actions planned across the city in support of workers' and immigrants rights. But the scene was quickly infiltrated by Trump supporters who organized a counter-protest on social media in anticipation of the event:

Some of the counter-protesters appear to have donned black garb reminiscent of the antifa, antifascist protesters who have made some well-publicized appearances at anti-Trump and anti-alt-right protests over the last few months. Still, many of them also wore "Make America Great Again" hats, which made their affiliation clear as they attempted to disrupt the protest.

A handful of Trump supporters told Gothamist they had been silenced and oppressed by the other activists. "They tried to push us out. Everyone over there, the communists, the SJWs, they're all authoritarian," Emily Smith, 20, told Gothamist. "The minute we got up there to express our ideas in opposition to theirs, they just started pushing, shoving, biting." Smith argued that the counter-protesters were just there to be heard.

"We were just saying, 'Go Trump, go alt-right," Smith said. "We were like, talking to them, shouting at them as you do at a protest. I was just trying to get a feel for the crowd and they called us KKKs, fascists, Nazis. You don't even know a Nazi. We're not Nazis, dude."

Another Trump supporter said they were driven to protest against the rally's apparent support of communism. "You can't have progression in a communist society. It's never worked out, ever," New Jersey resident Matt Lyons said. "They're flying the flag of the fucking USSR that crumbled."

Some May Day protesters shouted down the Trump supporters and tried to force them to leave, glitter-bombing, shoving, and eventually pushing the pro-Trump contingent out of Union Square Park. "This is May Day, this is International Worker Day, revived in 2006 by immigrants. We are not going to idly stand by as a group of people, alt-right or any fascist group, or any individual fascist tries to disrupt it," Tristan, a member of the Marxist Internationalist Group, told Gothamist. "The entire crowd did a good job, just not giving them the room to even come here and say anything that is racist and bigoted and anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim. It’s disgusting for these groups to say they’re being oppressed, when in fact they actually oppress minority groups."

The pro-Trump demonstrators have since been pushed out of the park and are barricaded by police on 14th Street, directly across the street from the Best Buy and Duane Reade. Some pro-Trump demonstrators were arrested, though as of 3 p.m. the situation in the area calmed down. An NYPD spokesperson said the department would not be able to provide arrest numbers and charges until the day's protests are over.

Meanwhile, it appears the May Day protesters and Trump supporters might have something in common. Though counter-protester Lyons took issue with some of the pro-communist signage at the rally, he does support a worker's right to organize. "I want unions. They protect workers' rights," he told Gothamist.

Additional reporting by Scott Heins