It's Christmas week, and while most people are snuggling up with Christmas hams and marveling at Jonah Hill's teeth, some people have to keep dilly-dallying working. That includes the seemingly bored traffic cops who ticket a livery cab driver who was waiting in his car in the video below.

After an entertaining argument over semantics ("I'm not parking while I'm sitting in the car"), things take a turn for the vulgar when one of the officers is offended by the driver telling him he pays his salary: "I pay my own salary, because I pay taxes, you fuckin...I fucked your mother last night, pussy," the officer eloquently responds.

"I am recording this, you fail, smile," the frustrated driver exclaims as the video concludes. Skip to 1:50 to see the argument escalate. It's just too bad this officer couldn't have the decency to perform a "blow me" dance as well.