Last night, Rep. Todd Akin, the controversial Republican running for Senate in Missouri, had a chance to tell CNN's Piers Morgan what he meant by his comments against abortion. Akin, who is against abortion, had asserted in an interview on Sunday that in the case of "a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole [pregnancy] thing down," which prompted Republicans to urge Akin to get out of the race.

Although he spent most of yesterday desperately trying clarify that he meant "forcible rape," when it came time to go on CNN, Akin was a no-show, giving Morgan the opportunity to say, "Congressman, you have an open invitation to join me in that chair whenever you feel up to it because if you don't keep your promise to be on the show, then you are what we would call in Britain, a gutless little twerp."

Of course a Twitter account—@AkinEmptyChair—emerged.