We don't know whether this guy deserved it, or how this Times Square brawl ended, at least not yet.

What we do know is that Spider-Man opened the rousing fight sequence with a devastating smack to his rival's head, and from there, it's on. The video hits its peak around :13, when several things happen at once:

1) Spider-Man takes the Hobgoblin down. No amount of dry-cleaning will fully relieve that costume of the streets of Times Square.

2) The Hobgoblin's pants begin their inevitable march toward his ankles. A third character, Butt Crack, enters the scene.

3) At this precise moment in time, the teen who leaps into frame is the Most Stoked entity in all of Times Square, possibly ever. Look at that leap! This is one stoked teen.

The fight may be over (or it may still be going on, I have no idea), but the stories carried with tourists back to the Ozarks or wherever will live on for generations. "I was there," grandparents will one day tell their progeny. "I was there when that man's pants finally fell off."