"There's going to be a new Spider-Man in Times Square," the general manager of the Hyatt Times Square said at a meeting earlier this month. "Because the old one is still picking up his teeth after trying to take my two-year-old niece out of my wife's arms the other day." New York City, meet your new Spider-Man.

According to a colorfully-worded statement from the NYPD, an officer standing his post at West 42nd Street and Broadway yesterday afternoon noticed Spider-Man taking a photo with a couple. When the woman tried to give Spider-Man a dollar, he declined, and "put out his hand and told the woman fives, tens or twenties only."

The officer then interjected, the release states, telling the couple that they can donate whatever they please. "At this point Spiderman tell the officer to 'mind your own ****ing business,' " the release states.

When the officer asks for his ID, Spider-Man informs him that he doesn't have any, prompting the officer to inform him that he's under arrest. The Post has video of what happens next.

The officer was treated for minor injuries at NYU Langone. Brooklyn resident Junior Bishop, 25, was charged with second degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

At that Times Square meeting on July 8, community members recommended licensing costumed characters in the tourist district, a tricky move considering that panhandling is a constitutionally protected form of speech, though that hasn't stopped NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton from supporting it.