[UPDATE BELOW] The Occupy Everything student dissidents have sent out another video from one of their strident street demonstrations, which is always a fun way to start the day. This one is described by the group as "video of last night's incident when the police attacked students at the anti-war march in times square." Man, here we go again, another outrageous example of the police state in action, with pigs cracking skulls to suppress dissent and... Oh, actually, it shows officers using reasonable force to arrest two direct action demonstrators blocking traffic. But then wait until you see how the protesters get attacked once they surround the station house, reciting their favorite chant, "From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police!"

Outrageous. When will the NYPD stop brutalizing political protesters with their reactionary laughter?!

UPDATE: A departmental spokesman has reversed an earlier statement that two white males were ticketed and released on charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental property. The NYPD press office now confirms what one commenter is saying: The two men were sent to central booking and "put through the system." An attorney working with some of the demonstrators, Gideon Oliver, tells us he's trying to verify that the men are still in central booking, but he notes that "with arrestees perceived to be anarchists, it can sometimes take longer than usual." Defendants are supposed to appear before a judge within 24 hours, but sometimes, oops, papers get misplaced and stuff just happens!