Okay, by popular demand, here's the explanation for today's nightmarish subway commute, for those of you who want to know why it took you two hours to get into Manhattan from parts of Brooklyn. A NYC Transit spokesman tells that around 8 a.m. a burning 3rd rail insulator outside the Broadway-Lafayette station snarled service on Manhattan bound F trains and Manhattan bound M (from Brooklyn) trains.

The fire and subsequent "smoke condition" also adversely affected the A/C lines in Brooklyn, because the F was rerouted over the blue line. Meanwhile, the M turned around at Chambers Street, which also slowed up the J/Z since they share a corridor. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. The fire was put out quickly but by then the entire rush hour was completely FUBAR along those lines, until at least 9:30 a.m. NYC Transit Scoop Tweeted, "It was just a really bad morning."

Below, a rather hypnotic video of a long, shockingly silent crowd of subway riders walking from the back of the F train all the way to the front in order to exit at West 4th Street. We love how everyone is so resigned to their fate, shuffling forward wordlessly through car after car toward the distant promise of release. But one question: who is that man in the suit whom they pass around the 2:30 mark, just sitting by himself as everyone exits? Is he determined to go down with the ship, or is this the last man in NYC who still believes in the MTA?