Hey everybody, meet Justin Jedlica, a 32-year-old self-described "mad sexy NYC X-Housewife" who, according to a terrifying 20/20 segment, has had 90 plastic surgery procedures to the tune of almost $100,000 in the past decade. Because why do push ups when silicone implants are so much easier? Body dysmorphia: not just for the ladies!

"I understand the risks ... and I'm willing to take those on," Jedlica, who also swears he understands what he is doing to himself, tells 20/20's incredulous reporter Sharon Alfonsi. "I love to really metamorphosize myself!" It all started with a nose job, and then another one, and then another. But hey! Now he's closer to "the picture that I have in my head." Just got to get that nose up a few more millimeters.

So where has this human Ken doll been implanted? Well he's had silicone implants in his buttocks, belly, biceps and triceps not to mention cranial brow shaves, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation. Because, surgery is so much more fun than working out. Working out, after all, is "so not exciting, not glamorous."

Prefer your plastic surgery addicts with boobs? After 20/20 talked to Jedlica, they met Lacey Wildd, a lady who has L-cup breasts. Next up, penis enhancement?