For the THIRD time this year, a cat was caught attempting to smuggle contraband into a prison. Meanwhile, we can't get our cats to stay off the subway tracks, let alone infiltrate multiple secured areas.

The kitty was caught this week after guard became suspicious of it routinely entering the prison through a hole in a fence. It turned out that it was carrying marijuana inside its oversized decorative collar. The Department of Penitentiary Institutions said on Friday that someone in the local village of Pruncul was using the kitty as a courier to get drugs inside the prison.

Back in June, the Moscow Times reported that guards caught a kitty climbing a fence at the jail in Syktyvkar; they found phones and chargers taped to its body. Last January, a white kitty was caught by prison guards in Brazil trying to sneak saws, drills, headset, memory card, cell phone, batteries and a phone charger into the jail. Could this finally be evidence of the organized feline conspiracy that J Edgar Hoover warned us about?