There's no time like the present for madcap half-naked rooftop pool parties, but apparently some fancytown NIMBYs are unhappy with all the fun unfolding at a Manhattan hotel, and they've filed a complaint with the State Liquor Authority in hopes of shutting the good times down.

Park Ave South residents aren't too pleased with the crowds of sun-and-booze-worshippers who spend these lazy, hazy summer days and nights frolicking atop the Gansevoort Park Hotel. "They’re coming to the city to be wild. They don’t care who is living there," Mario Messina, the chairman of the 29th Street Neighborhood Association, told CBS News of the bawdy revelers. "It’s the wrong place and the wrong time to do something like that." But is there ever really a wrong time for this?

Neighbors say the guests are just too naked to be tolerated, and they've been snapping photos of rooftop revelers baring their breasts and bottoms (you know, for evidence). And naturally, these parties aren't just naked—they're also loud. "Sometimes in the middle of the night you hear a lot of screaming, like maybe drunk people," a neighbor told CBS News. Well, it's certainly a possibility!

Messina has reportedly filed a complaint with the SLA to have the Gansevoort Park's liquor license revoked, and the SLA says they'll look into the matter. Meanwhile, we've reached out to the hotel for comment, and have been scouring the Internet for all those pool-party nudie pics we've been promised. Alas, that treasure trove has yet to be uncovered, but we did find some photos of fun:

Don't let the haters get you down, people.