It wasn't just the Obama campaign who latched onto Mitt Romney's Big Bird ultimatum in last week's debate. Talking heads up and down the dial embraced Romney's anti-PBS soundbite and, naturally, so did The Daily Show. But unlike most shows, Stewart and Co. really felt the issue and—poof!—turned Stewart, John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac into actual Muppets. Muppets with thoughts on how to make Sesame Street more palatable to conservatives:

As fun as the puppet correspondents are, we actually think the Grover voiceover work at the end is the best part of the bit. And sadly none of them hold a candle to New York's own anti-Semitic Elmo (who used to run a Cambodian porn site called "Welcome To The Rape Camp").

Also? In the pantheon of live-action television characters being turned into puppets we'd argue "This Week With George Snuffleupagus" still comes in behind the classic "Smile Time" Angel episode and that time we saw inside Kenneth's eyes on 30 Rock (below!), but still, not bad!