Earlier this month, we reported on the hot new trend that's been going on as long as bike share has been available—people using Citi Bikes as stationary bikes. A few monocles were broken, but for the most part, people seemed pretty fine with the idea. Now, TV personality and rapper The Fat Jew—aka Fabrizio Goldstein—has taken things one step further, by offering free SoulCycle classes on docked Citi Bikes to people identified in a video as "the homeless."

It's unclear from the video whether the participants are actually homeless or actors appearing in what seems to be a parody of self-absorbed fitness-crazy trainers. It's safe to say that Goldstein, whom we saw baring some insane belly drawings at Coachella, is joking, and a charitable view of this video is that it makes light of SoulCycle fanatics, not homelessness. Goldstein explains that SoulCycle "is too expensive, it's not available to everybody" and tells the camera:

"I want the homeless people of NY to have the opportunity to have sick bodies, they could have really gorgeous bodies," he says. "They just need the right workout regiments. And Citi Bike has really opened up a new world to them. It's a New Yorker helping other New Yorkers get beautiful definition."

We've contacted Goldstein to talk more about this, and we'll update this later. For now it appears his idea is already catching on.

[Via The Crosby Press]