Today's NY Times feature about the growth of Seekers in city high schools was pretty interesting and the video that accompanied the story is good, too, but for sheer choreography, we point you to this YouTube clip of Stuyvesant High Seekers dancing during Jesus Day. The Seekers are a Christian club that has become very popular at city high schools; here's what Regina Chan, co-president of the Stuyvesant Seekers Club, said

"There are a lot of people who respect that you're religious and you're involved in Seekers. And there are also a lot of those who just kind of see you as someone who's a religious fanatic, that we don't care about science, that we're ignorant."

The Stuy Seekers are lucky - the principal at Townsend Harris High apparently asked the Seekers not to conduct a Jesus Day!

However, for non-denominational dancing at Stuyvesant, check out this YouTube clip of seniors stepping during SING!.