Post-Tropical Cyclone Hermine may not turn out to be the apocalyptic weather event the tri-state area was preparing for, but that doesn't mean it's been a big bag of nothing. The storm, even if it doesn't make landfall here, has been working with the angry ocean to make sure there are strong riptides that will carry you away, as was the case with this kite surfer off of Fire Island who had to be rescued by the Coast Guard Saturday.

The kite surfer, whose name hasn't been released, was rescued by the Coast Guard one mile south of Democrat Point, Fire Island, and helps demonstrate why city beaches are closed to swimmers at the moment. Earlier this week, Mayor de Blasio said that, "We could see some of the most intense riptides in literally ten or fifteen years" when Hermine got closer.

"Cases like this really highlight just how dangerous it is out on the water right now," Capt. Andrew Tucci, commander of Sector Long Island Sound, said in a statement announcing the rescue.

Elsewhere in ocean trouble, the Post reports a photographer in Long Beach was hit by a wave and swept out to sea this morning, and had to be rescued by lifeguards and the fire department.